Expense Approval Process

This is the process of getting work-related purchases approved by a supervisor or budget owner. A company should have an efficient, automated, simplified, and simple expense approval process. Any disorganization in the workflow may significantly impact your business process by delaying the work of various teams when transactions are not approved by managers, team leaders, or the finance team in a timely manner. 

A delay in the approval procedure might exacerbate disorganization and lead to a lack of funds to purchase resources — eventually impacting your ability to provide prompt customer support and maintain a relationship with suppliers.

Automating the expenditure approval process may decrease manual data entry and give your finance staff more time to focus on essential tasks. Although it may seem insignificant, for financial professionals, this may be the difference between a task well done and a day spent in chaos. It can even make a difference when attempting to attract top talent during the hiring process.

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