Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mesh?

Mesh is a leading B2B payment platform, Mesh enables businesses anywhere to pay and receive payment in an instant, transparent and cost-effective way. The Mesh platform is orchestrating innovative payment experiences powered by virtual cards as rails and offer unique capabilities such as controlled B2B card issuing, auto-processing of cards, international business payments and much more.

In which countries does Mesh work?

We enable US businesses to send money anywhere, receive transactions and generate cards (soon from Europe too), while businesses from the rest of the world (in almost 200 countries) can use us to receive funds.

Which currencies does Mesh support?

We allow transactions in 150+ currencies.
Transactions can be processed at any currency VISA ® international supports.

How can I start using Mesh?

Sign up and start sending and receiving funds or generating cards through us, it is as easy as sending an email. You can start in here.

After confirming your email address, you choose the activity you need to perform (paying or receiving funds). Then, you’ll only need to fill-in a few basic details about the transaction, your business, and some non financial information about your payer or receiver (if relevant, according to the activity you wish to perform).

If you are generating a card or making a payment, you will need to choose a method of payment (US local bank account) to fund your transaction, once it’s verified, you are ready to go, Mesh will immediately proceed to process your transaction.

During the process we always give you indications (online, through email, or text messages) of your transaction status and what’s next.

Who is qualified to use Mesh?

We allow businesses to pay and receive payments:

    • Businesses from all over the world are qualified to use us for receiving funds.
    • Businesses from the US (and soon from Europe) are qualified to make payments.

How long does it take to pay or receive money with Mesh?

    • If you are making a payment and have a Mesh balance, the transaction is done immediately. If you don’t have a positive Mesh balance, once your bank account has been verified, it takes 1-3 business days for the money to be available for use on your Mesh balance.
    • If you receive payments with us, in case your payer has a positive Mesh balance, the payment will be ready to claim immediately. If not, once your payer’s bank account has been verified, it takes 1-3 business days for the money to be ready for you to claim.

Does Mesh take monthly or setup fees?

No. we don’t charge a setup fee or a monthly fee.

How does Mesh earn money?

We make our revenue from Interchange and FX fees. When you use our card we don’t charge any fees from your business.
Instead we charge a small fee from the processor that processes the transaction, and FX rate if relevant (if there was a currency conversion). We return some of it to you, as cashback.

Does Mesh provide APIs?

As part of our premium services, you can get access to our restful APIs and developer site. You could easily integrate the relevant flows such as – receiving payments, generating cards, getting payment details and more, into your business flow. Learn more on Mesh’s Virtual Cards API

How many cards can I generate?

Basic plan users have a default quota of up to 2 unlimited virtual VISA ® cards (with no capped amount) at every calendar month.
If you join our Premium services, your card quota is adapted to your needs.

Can I get a physical card too?

No. Mesh is a pure digital platform. We only issue virtual cards at the moment.

Are Mesh cards suitable for subscriptions payments?

Yes. When generating a virtual card with us, you can easily set a specified spending amount per period, which is ideal for paying your services, software and SaaS subscriptions.
Mesh prevents overcharging which provides better control over your business spendings, stopping the need to use your corporate business card.

Can I generate a card for a specific payment?

Yes. When generating a virtual card with us, you can easily set the card to be a single-use card, dedicated to a specific payment. Once the payment has been processed, the card is automatically blocked for additional use.
We strive to give businesses peace of mind by offering a range of tools and features for smarter expenses control.

Can I cancel a card after it has been generated?

Yes. Mesh VISA ® virtual cards can be either suspended or cancelled (available from the cards page, while choosing the specific card you want to cancel / suspend) at any given time.

Can I reactivate a card that has been cancelled?

No. Cards that were cancelled can not be reactivated. However, you can suspend a card, if you wish to reuse it in the future.

How do I know what my transaction status is?

We provide full transparency and clear real-time notifications during the entire payment process. You will get notification on the status of your transaction. You will also be notified when the card has been processed and what is the following action required, if any.

Can Mesh protect my business from fraud?

    • Yes. Mesh applies severe security and privacy controls to protect your account, your cards, your business and personal details. 
    • Mesh follows PCI standards (it is PCI 1st level certified) and provides several layers of protection such as:
      • System controls via multi level authentication and hashed keys 
      • Identity and account controls: ID and business identity checks, physical and IP address and micro deposits
      • User controls: you can limit the card amount and spending categories, choose currency, restrict the card to a single use and more. Additionally it is possible to suspend or cancel the card, for better control.
    • Mesh rides on top of existing banking and credit card rails. This provides protection with advanced fraud prevention and data privacy controls. Your money is held in a protected account by our banking partners. 

How does Mesh prevent fraud and money laundering?

Every transaction is checked by our advanced automatic protocols. We monitor each and every transaction and source of funds to prevent fraud, money laundering, identity theft, phishing encounters, and more. Once our protocol detects suspicious activity, our analysts team investigates and monitors it, until the situation is clarified and resolved.

Who is Mesh's USA banking partner?

We have partnered with Metropolitan Commercial Bank from New York. NY.

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