Powerful Spend Controls

Get real-time alerts for payment requests, set spend limits, lock payments to vendors and cancel subscriptions in one click to give you the ultimate spend control.

Trusted by Leading Finance Teams

Approval Flows for Every Payment Request

Get approval flows customized for your company workflows with instant alerts via email, text, and Slack so every request is easily made and approved.

Travel Policies That Stick

Set travel policies and ensure your employees keep them, with travel categories, spend limits, card suspension and activation and full visibility of travel payments.

Set Spend Limits, Prevent Overspending

Use built-in daily, weekly or monthly spend controls for every card from subscriptions to travel and all other corporate expenses so that you never go over budget.

Lock Cards to
Specific Vendors

Lock each subscription or expense to vendors or expense categories for an added layer of control.

Save Hassle With
One-Click Cancellations

Employee leaving your company? Switching over to an alternative SaaS subscription? Cancel your subscription with the click of a button and your job is done.

Get Fraud Alerts With
24/7 Monitoring

Find out instantly about suspicious card activity so that you never need to worry about anything going wrong. Flag mission-critical payments for an added layer of security.

Manage All Your Payments from One Place With Full Visibility

Get transparency and control with everything in one place. Set approval flows and manage expense policies in the same platform. Issue & suspend cards, and view your payment history in real-time.

Get Cashback for Every Payment You Make

Get cashback on all your payments, from SaaS, travel and all other corporate expenses.

Get Spend Controls
on Every Payment