Accounting Automation

Close the month faster with easy, error-free accounting. Improve the productivity of your finance team with accounting automation software that does the heavy lifting for you, from receipt collection to syncing transactions with your ERP.

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Effortlessly increase accuracy

With accounting automation, you can be sure that all of your records are accurate and error-free.

accurate and error-free records
Boost finance team’s productivity

Boost your finance team’s productivity

Automate manual work like receipt collection and data entry, so your finance team can focus on more important strategic tasks.

Better visibility,
stronger spend controls

Get a real-time picture of company spending and ensure that employees stick to expense policies — without additional work for your finance team. 

Better visibility, stronger spend controls

Easy reconciliation with seamless ERP data syncing

End-of-month is much smoother and more efficient when your finance team isn’t bogged down with tedious manual work. Accounting automation software takes care of it, continuously syncing transactions directly with your ERP.

Integrate directly with all of your favorite apps

Streamline your payments in the way you already work by connecting to your favorite apps, from communication tools like Slack to your HRIS system and bank.

Integrate directly with all apps​
Enforce spend policies automatically

Enforce spend policies automatically

With physical and virtual cards that have been pre-approved, it’s easy to ensure that company expense policies are being followed so you don’t go over budget.

Automate your workflows

From card requests to approvals, accounting automation streamlines and takes the hassle out of your payment workflows.

Automate your workflows

Reconciliation used to be manual, a nightmare
for our AP team. Mesh automated our AP workflow, solving fundamental bottlenecks.


Giridhar Premsingh

Global Chief Financial Officer

, DoiT
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Accounting Automation Helps You Do More with Less