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Data is at the heart of everything your finance team does, so it makes sense to have it easily accessible and well organized. We’ve pulled together the most useful templates for your team — think of it as a one-stop shop for financial data collection. Scroll down to find the reports you need, or download them all as a set. Either way, you’ll be up and running within minutes.

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Expense Report

Expense reports take the guesswork out of how much money your business is spending and exactly where it's going. When used correctly, they help your finance team accurately reimburse employees, simplify company taxes, and can even make financial projections for the coming year.

Expense Policy

Good communication leads to happy employees, especially when it comes to any expenses they may incur. This draft company-wide expense policy sets clear guidelines on permitted expenses, how they should be paid for, and how employees are reimbursed (if required). Cut out the miscommunication and ensure everyone is aware of their responsibilities with this easily customizable policy document.

Month-End Closing Checklist

Streamline your accounting system and stay time-efficient at the end of the month with a well-organized closing schedule that runs throughout the month. Keeping on top of key reconciliation tasks monthly and quarterly makes preparing month-end financial reports and ledgers a breeze, allowing you to focus on setting budgets and goals for the year ahead. Our checklist includes all the easy-to-overlook details, leaving you free to get on with the important stuff.

Business Balance Sheet

Monitor the health of your business by keeping an up-to-date balance sheet. Track revenue, assets, and liabilities to create a clear picture of how your business is faring from quarter to quarter, giving you the crucial information you need to keep all your numbers heading in the right direction. Our template includes common expenses including taxes, giving you an accurate handle on your current finances.

Cash Flow

Your cash flow statement (also sometimes referred to as the statement of changes in financial position) shows you how company money has been used by your business throughout the year. It is critical to monitor company cash flow on an ongoing basis. This template will help break down exactly how money has been earned and spent, by showing the operating, financing, and investing activities of your company, and their effects on your cash position.

Profit and Loss Statement

Download our Profit and Loss Statement to keep track of your business’s most vital financial information. Our fully customizable, intuitively laid out statement allows you to keep track of key budget streams including payroll, cost of materials, cost of manufacture, taxes and R&D, alongside your current revenue and profit percentage figures, giving you everything you need to know about the health of your business at a glance.

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