Real-Time Reporting

No more waiting around till the end of the month or quarter. See every transaction as it happens and get tailor-made insights on your payments at the right time.

Trusted by Leading Finance Teams

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Track Your Spend as It Happens

Get all the information you need about your transactions in real time so that you’re always in the know about your spend.

smart, customized insights throughout entire payment workflow: cost-effective alternatives, SaaS pricing packages, and price consolidation opportunities

Real-Time Insights Exactly When You Need Them

Discover data for every single payment at the right time, from cheaper alternatives to underused licenses, and ensure that you’re making the most of every dollar spent.

Customized Reports Built to Fit Your Needs

You’re in control of your reports with advanced filters and flexible custom fields. Say goodbye to standard templates and get reports tailor-made for your company.

Instant Notifications About Inaccuracies & Suspicious Payments

Get real time alerts about inaccurate data or fishy transactions, so you can make corrections and get flawless reports before your month-end.

Automatic Receipt Matching & Expense Reports

Employee receipts are collected and automatically matched, saving hours in closing every month. Invoices are scanned with Mesh OCR and the details are filled in for you – invoice number, amount, vendor and more.

Close Your Month Faster With Robust ERP Integrations

Close your books faster with ERP integrations that automate your reconciliation process and avoid the end-of-month headache.

Get Cashback for Every Payment You Make

Get cashback on all your payments, from SaaS, travel and all other corporate expenses.
Get Cashback on Every Single Payment

Get Spend Reports in Real-Time