Expense Management Solution for CEOs/Owners

Whether you’re running a small or large business, adopting Mesh spend management platform gives your company a whole new level of visibility & control to support scaling up your business.

Expense Management Solution for CEOs/Owners

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Grow Your Company With Mesh

Get a whole new level of visibility & optimization over your spend with a tailored solution that empowers you to manage every payment type, supporting your growing business.

Optimize Your Spend

Continuously optimize your costs with spend insights, controls and automation at every step of the payment workflow.

Customizable to Fit Your Company

Mesh fits into your company workflows, with integrations to all your existing SaaS, supporting multi-currencies & subsidiaries, customizable spend reports and tailored insights at the right time. 

Boost Productivity With Automation

From hassle-free approval flows, to automatic collection and matching receipts and a one-click reconciliation that syncs to your ERP, save your company hours of manual work every month.

Productivity via accounting Automation
Productivity via accounting Automation

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Grow Your Business
With Mesh