Mesh ProcurePay

Streamline payments from any ERP or procurement system

Close the loop from PO to payment with the world’s most flexible and connected enterprise payment solution for procurement. 

Trusted by leading global companies

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Seamlessly connect to any ERP or procurement system

Get the freedom and flexibility to use best-of-breed procurement and ERP solutions, with all the benefits and automation of a native payment solution.

ProcurePay Approvals: IT Purchases

Automate card creation and compliance

Instantly create and assign cards with embedded spend policies and add additional approvals to ensure compliance and simplifying reporting.

Pay for any PO, online or in-person

Use virtual cards to pay online, or connect any virtual card to the Mesh Plug & Pay card for unprecedented payment flexibility offline.

Mesh’s payments solution has become an integral part of our procurement process. The value it brings in terms of control, visibility, and enhanced compliance for every credit card payment is significant, and consolidating all of our credit card payment spend helps us to maximize our spend incentives too.

Sagi Pinhas,

Senior Director of Global Procurement and Facilities

Pay vendors in local currencies - all around the globe

Make payments in over 200 currencies in 140+ countries worldwide and avoid costly international wire or exchange fees.

A unified view of your entire spend

Maximize volume incentives with a consolidated view of your entire spend, from vendor payments to T&E.

Eliminate errors and streamline cross-functional collaboration

Automate the payment process across teams, decreasing manual tasks, removing human error and accelerating productivity. 

Learn how ProcurePay can simplify your procurement payments today