Unlimited Cards for Any Use

Get virtual & Plug & Pay™ cards that let you manage each payment with control, visibility and insights for any payment type, anywhere you are.

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Smart Virtual Cards

Create unlimited virtual cards, free of charge. Set them up in one click and assign cards to employees so they can get started immediately.

Get Insights for Every Payment

Get actionable insights in real-time for every payment, whether you’re using your cards for SaaS, travel, or in-person purchases.

Find out SaaS pricing packages, budget your entire travel spend, and learn about hidden opportunities to reduce your expenses.

Plug & Pay™ Cards for When You’re On The Go

Connect the Mesh Plug & Pay™ to your virtual cards for secured and controlled payments on the go. Get all the virtual card benefits, and turn your in-person spending into a seamless payment experience.

Monitor Your Spend in Real-Time

Track your entire spend in one powerful platform and get real-time visibility with instant alerts via email, text and Slack.

Sophisticated Spend Controls and Rules

Mesh cards give you the power to set spend limits, expiry dates, and vendor locks. With advanced controls, you never overpay.

Maximum Security

Your payments are always safe when you pay with Mesh cards. With tools and real-time notifications, every payment is 100% secure.

Customized Approval Flows

Get approval flows that fit your internal processes. Set thresholds, approvers by role and numbers so you are always in control.

Contactless Payments

Use any digital device to make contactless payments on the go for a seamless and safe payment experience.

Automatic Receipt Matching and Expense Reports

Employee receipts are collected and automatically matched, saving hours in closing every month. Invoices are scanned with Mesh OCR and the details are filled in for you.

Cashback for Every Payment

Whether you’re paying with Plug & Pay™ or virtual cards, get cashback for all your spend, and save money with Mesh.

Get Full Visibility
With Mesh Cards