Meet the Next Generation of Corporate Cards

The Plug & Pay™ VISA is the only physical, numberless card you can pair with virtual cards and budgets for ultimate security, control and flexibility.

Trusted by Leading Finance Teams

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All the Benefits of Virtual Cards, in the Physical World

Plug & Pay™ can be effortlessly linked to any approved virtual card, giving finance teams total control and visibility while employees get comfort and flexibility when paying on the go.

Unparalleled Security

Plug & Pay™ is the only numberless, physical card that offers total security if cards are misplaced or compromised. You get instant alerts about any suspicious activity and cards can be canceled in seconds from the Mesh platform and app.

Total Control and Visibility

Connect your Plug & Pay™ card to any virtual card so you have immediate visibility into every transaction. Each virtual card has a pre-approved dedicated budget so you can say goodbye to overspending and ensure that every charge is within company policy.

Automatic Receipt Collection and Matching

Employee receipts can be collected via a photo, email or the Mesh App. Receipts are automatically scanned, verified and synced to your ERP saving hours closing your books every month.

Empower Employees

Give employees independence when they link Plug & Pay™ to pre-approved virtual cards and say goodbye to expense reports and reimbursements.

Cashback on
All Your Payments

Get the most out of your company spend by earning cashback on every single purchase.

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Plug & Pay™ Corporate Card Revolution

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