The Plug & Pay™ Card

Add the Mesh Plug & Pay™ card to your wallet and connect it to your virtual cards for secure and controlled payments on-the-go, anytime, anywhere. Get all the benefits and flexibility of virtual cards with the convenience of your physical card.

Trusted by Leading Finance Teams

The Way to Pay When You’re on the Go

The Mesh Plug & Pay™ card gives you a solution beyond online transactions, enabling you to pay for anything, anywhere.  With your virtual cards as a backbone, you can pay for different expenses all with one card and get  the benefits that come with virtual cards.

Whether you’re on a trip, at a restaurant, or in a store – you always have a way to pay.

A Physical Card With All the Virtual Card Benefits

Set a purpose and budget for your Plug & Pay™ card before paying – it’s a physical card that gives you all the benefits of virtual cards. Get one card for multiple uses and easily switch between them when making transactions. 

Numberless & Secure Visa Cards

Keep your payments safe with numberless cards. Whether it’s an in-person transaction, or passed between employees, you’ll never need to worry about fraud or lost & stolen cards.

Full Visibility From One Platform

Track all your corporate payments as they happen in one platform with real-time visibility over your transactions for finance teams, employees and budget owners so you don’t need to wait until month-end.

Easily Collect and Match Receipts

Simplify receipt collection for your whole company. All you have to do is take a photo, upload it to Mesh, and Mesh will automatically match it to the right expense category and sync it with your accounting software.

Sophisticated Spend Control

Your Plug & Pay™ can be linked to any virtual cards that have already gone through an approval process with set spend limits. You can also suspend or reactivate a card in a matter of seconds for extra control and peace of mind.

Easily Manage Your Cards

No need to issue lots of corporate cards for each employee. Use Plug & Pay™ cards on an as-needed basis, and switch them between employees with the click of a button.  

Empower Employees

Give employees independence when they link the Plug & Pay™ to preapproved virtual cards and say goodbye to expense reports and reimbursements.

Cashback on
All Your Payments

Whenever you’re paying on the go, get cashback for all your spend. 

Take Control of
All Company Spend