The Plug & Pay™ Card

Connect the first-of-its-kind, Mesh Plug & Pay™ to your virtual cards for secured and controlled payments on the go. Get all the virtual card benefits, and turn your in-person spending into a seamless payment experience.

Trusted by Leading Finance Teams

The Way to Pay When You’re On The Go

The Plug & Pay™ extends Mesh’s capabilities into physical cards for in-person purchases giving you the same experience as virtual cards. Get control, visibility, and pay with the right context anywhere, anytime.

Dynamic & Flexible

Switch as many virtual cards as you need on one Plug & Pay™ so you always get full control, visibility and real-time data on your payments, anywhere, anytime.

Sophisticated Spend Control

Suspend and reactivate Plug & Pay™ cards at the click of a button, get approval flows and spend limits that come with virtual cards, so you’re always in control when issuing physical cards.

Numberless & Secure Visa Cards

Make safe payments with numberless cards. Whether it’s an in-person purchase or passed between employees, you’ll never need to worry about fraud or stolen cards.

Easily Manage Your Cards

No need to issue 100’s of corporate cards for each employee. Use the Plug & Pay™ on a need-only basis and turnover between employees at the click of a button.

Empower Employees

Give employees independence when they link the Plug & Pay™ to preapproved virtual cards and say goodbye to expense reports and reimbursements.

Cashback on
All Your Payments

Whenever you’re paying on the go, get cashback for all your spend.

One Card for All Your Payments