Credit Report

A credit report is a summary of your handling of credit accounts, including the kinds of accounts you have, your payment history, and other details that your creditors and lenders have submitted to credit agencies.

Credit reports are a tool that prospective creditors and lenders use to determine whether and under what conditions to give credit to you. Your credit reports may also be accessed by others, such as prospective employers or landlords, who will use this information to evaluate whether to offer you a position or a lease. Your credit reports may also be examined if you’re looking for services like a phone, utilities, or a mobile phone contract.

Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion are the three credit agencies that offer credit reports on a national level. Your credit reports from each agency may fluctuate since some lenders and creditors may not always report to all three. Some people might only report to one, two, or maybe none at all.

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