A person or organization who willfully misappropriates the assets that have been allotted to them is accused of embezzlement, a sort of white-collar crime. The assets in this type of fraud are obtained legitimately and given to the embezzlers to retain, but they are afterwards used against their will. A breach of a person’s fiduciary obligations is called embezzlement.

People who are given access to an organization’s finances are expected to protect them so they can be used as intended. Accessing that money with the goal of using it for personal gain is prohibited. Diverting money to accounts that seem to have the right to receive transfers or payments is one example of such activity.

The account, however, is merely a front through which the person can accept the money—or it could be a third party with whom they are working. For instance, an embezzler can fabricate invoices and receipts for services or business transactions that never happened in order to pass money off as a real transaction.

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