Boosting Finance Team Productivity with HRIS Integrations

Boosting Finance Team Productivity with HRIS Integrations

Increasing productivity has emerged as one of the most important tasks for finance teams in 2023. As businesses adjust to the new reality and the uncertainty of the last 12 months, it has become critical to do more with less, to extend runways, and extract every bit of value from every dollar spent.

One of the ways Mesh enables finance teams to increase their productivity is through finance automation. Many of the tasks finance teams are responsible for are time-consuming and labor-intensive. These include core finance tasks such as closing the monthly books and receipt reconciliation, but finance teams also need to work alongside other teams to enable them to achieve their goals.

In the case of HR teams, there is a considerable amount of support that finance professionals need to provide during the onboarding and offboarding of employees. Specifically, the time spent issuing payment cards for new employees, or canceling or removing payment permissions when employees leave, can place a real burden on them. These workloads require finance teams to perform repetitive data-entry that takes up much of their time, which could instead be invested in more strategic planning.

It’s incredibly difficult to increase productivity when so much time is wasted on repetitive tasks. So with Mesh’s finance automation tools, CFOs, and other finance professionals are able to regain that time by offloading much of the work to the platform itself.

Whether that’s receipt matching with OCR, or automatic payment approvals, or streamlining reminders to employees, Mesh provides multiple ways for finance teams to save time and be more productive.

One new way that Mesh can help automate finance work, is with HRIS integrations. Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) are powerful platforms that help businesses manage their HR needs. These platforms help them keep track of employees, manage org structures, time off requests, and other important tasks needed to manage their team.

Mesh is able to integrate with dozens of the leading HRIS platforms, bringing in important information about your employees that can help automate important tasks.

Some of the top platforms supported by Mesh include:

Most importantly, these integrations are able to help finance teams significantly streamline the onboarding and offboarding process of employees. Many businesses will see tens of employees leaving and joining the company every month. Keeping track of payment authorizations for that many employees manually is a time-consuming and daunting process.

With Mesh, finance admins are notified when employees either need to be added or removed from the system. It’s easy to then provide new employees with relevant payment cards for expenses such as meals, travel, gas cards, or to pay for software.

In regards to offboarding, the automation Mesh provides is even more important, especially with the proliferation of SaaS. Today, when an employee who is paying for and managing a specific SaaS service leaves the company, it can be quite challenging to maintain it afterwards. If an employee’s email is deactivated, that can cause an additional hurdle to maintaining the subscription.

With Mesh, all payments are managed through the platform. When the responsible employee leaves, it’s easy to transfer the payment card for that service to an admin or different employee, ensuring uninterrupted access to critical tools.

An additional offboarding hurdle is that payments often continue to SaaS platforms even though they are no longer needed. With Mesh, you can cancel payments instantly, and also gain visibility into SaaS subscriptions that have become redundant. The bottom line is that Mesh can help maintain, or cancel, all relevant payments with just a click.

By automating much of the manual work around spend approvals, employee offboarding, and onboarding, Mesh’s HRIS integrations can help your finance team be more productive while improving cost efficiency and visibility. To find out more about how Mesh can help you automate your finances, sign up for a demo today.

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