How to Hire an Amazing Controller for Your High-Growth SMB

How to Hire an Amazing Controller

As a CFO, one of my main responsibilities is building and managing the finance team at Mesh. Recently, we hired a new employee to fill the role of controller at our company. Fortunately for Mesh and for me, we were able to find an incredible candidate, Asaf Hanegby, and he has hit the ground running in his role. Honestly, this recent process was one of the smoothest I’ve experienced in my career as I was immediately impressed by Asaf and was sure I wanted to hire him after our first call. But, it won’t be so clear-cut for others.

The controller position is one of the most impactful hires you can make. They are responsible for ensuring the financials are accurate and complete and for managing the monthly close process. Controllers make sure that all of the financial information has been captured and entered correctly, and they need to be highly skilled and experienced in accounting.

Critically, controllers are responsible for ensuring compliance from a tax and audit perspective, and that the company is recognizing everything according to relevant accounting standards.

To say that this is one of the most important decisions for CFOs or VPs of Finance is an understatement. So I wanted to share some of my perspectives and insights on what to look for when you hire a controller and how you can ensure you find an awesome employee for the role.