The Best Expense Management Solution for Oracle NetSuite

Expense Management Solution for Oracle NetSuite

Mesh’s Oracle NetSuite integration is here to make your finance department’s life a lot easier.

Organizations choose Oracle NetSuite because they are growing in size or expanding globally. They require a system that is robust and customizable, allowing them to scale, add layers of customizations, and provide localized solutions for global expansions.

At Mesh, we understand this is what NetSuite customers are looking for. Therefore, our NetSuite integration is pre-built to evolve with you as you grow in size and expand your business, all while accommodating the customization requirements of your NetSuite implementation.

Grow Globally With Mesh-NetSuite Integration

Mesh integration is prebuilt to support multiple entities and can also be used with non-USD entities. No adjustment on your end is required.

Adjust Locally With Mesh’s Oracle NetSuite Integration

Expanding globally brings with it localization challenges, especially when it comes to accounting. New locations often introduce new currencies, additional tax rules, and new regulations. The Mesh integration with NetSuite is robust and customizable to support multiple vendor invoice currencies, tax codes of different locations and custom localization records, lists, and segments.

What Being the Best Is All About

Every organization is different. Whether you implement the use of purchase orders (POs) in your day to day workflow, or simply use items or expenses, whether you customized your NetSuite implementation one way or the other, custom records, segments, or lists – Mesh integration is pre-built to fit the workflows and customizations of your organization. Simple, quick – No DEV work required.

Looking Ahead, Not Back

The Mesh Integration to NetSuite allows a continuous syncing of transactions, as they take place. Finance teams can flatten the peak workload at the month-end and indicate discrepancies early so that they can adjust accordingly and spend their time looking ahead rather than back on the month.

Scale Activity Without Increasing Manpower

Mesh integration reconciles the entire account activity continuously, with the click of a button. This integration will save your bookkeeping teams hours and days by syncing transactions to NetSuite. Hundreds and thousands of transactions are pushed in one click, automatically with their vendor/PO and their related accounts.

Adopted by organizations worldwide, the integration has been used by financial teams across the globe. It simply works.

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Manage Your Payments With Full Control & Visibility