The Tech-Savvy Controller

How Embracing New Technologies Can Boost Efficiency

tech-savvy controller

In today’s fast-paced business world, a controller who simply crunches numbers is no longer enough. Standout controllers are embracing new technologies to become efficiency ninjas, streamlining workflows, and transforming financial data into actionable insights.

The Tools of the Trade

Gone are the days of paper ledgers and clunky spreadsheets. Today’s tech-savvy controller utilizes a suite of financial management tools, including:

  • Cloud-based accounting software: Ditch the server room! Cloud accounting offers real-time access, simplifies collaboration, and enhances security.
  • Automation platforms: Say goodbye to repetitive tasks! Automation handles everything from data entry to reconciliation, freeing up valuable controller time.
  • Data analytics solutions: Turn raw data into gold! Analytics provide insights into trends, risks, and opportunities, allowing for data-driven decision-making.

Beyond the Tech

Knowing the latest tools is just the beginning. A forward-thinking controller doesn’t wait for problems to arise. They actively seek ways to improve:

  • Identifying opportunities: They have a keen eye for areas ripe for process improvement and cost savings.
  • Implementing best practices: They stay up-to-date on industry standards and implement them for optimal financial management.
  • Continuous refinement: They are never satisfied with the status quo. They constantly monitor and refine processes, ensuring maximum efficiency.

Hiring for Efficiency

When interviewing controller candidates, don’t just ask about their experience. Focus on their approach to technology and efficiency:

  • Tech fluency: Do they understand how financial technology can streamline processes?
  • Proactive problem-solving: Can they give examples of how they’ve used technology to improve efficiency in past roles?
  • Continuous improvement mindset: Do they demonstrate a commitment to ongoing process refinement?

By prioritizing these qualities, you’ll find a controller who’s more than just a number cruncher. You’ll find a valuable asset who drives efficiency and empowers your organization to make informed financial decisions.

For more tips on finding and hiring the right controller for your finance team, download our guide Don’t Just Settle: What to Look for in the Perfect Controller.

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