7 Simple Steps to Automate Your Employee Onboarding Process

steps to automate employee onboarding process

The employee onboarding process gives you an opportunity to make a significant impact on new hires. This first impression can greatly influence their opinion of your company—and ultimately impact their willingness to stay.

Outdated and disorganized onboarding processes can leave employees with a negative impression and decrease the chances that they’ll stick with the company for longer than a year. Streamlined and modern processes, on the other hand, can make an excellent first impression, even increasing new hire retention by up to 82%. By implementing consistent and helpful onboarding systems, you can establish positive long-term relationships and promote employee satisfaction and productivity.

1. Formalize the Onboarding Process & Standardize Workflows

Employee onboarding should be a relatively standard process; each new hire should get the same experience, and HR should follow the same general workflow each time. You can accomplish this by managing your onboarding tasks with automation to create a standard workflow that’s used for each new hire. You can then customiz