6 Steps to Crafting a Compelling Company Story for Investors

Tell investors your company’s story in an interesting and engaging way

6 Steps to Crafting a Compelling Company Story for Investors

Once you’ve done your research on potential investors, it’s time to tell them your story. Creating a strong narrative can help make your business and your presentation memorable. 

It’s important to structure your presentation logically to guide investors through your story. So, here are six steps to creating a compelling narrative in your investor pitch.

1. A Grand Opening

Grab attention with an impressive statistic about your market opportunity or a proof of concept demonstrating early traction. Explain the major problem you are solving.

2. The Meat and Potatoes

Provide an overview of your product or service. Highlight your proprietary technology or special sauce setting you apart from competitors. Explain the unique value you provide to customers.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Brag a Little Bit

Share concrete evidence of early customer adoption, usage, and revenue. Include logos of major customers secured. Provide client testimonials and case studies proving your solution drives ROI.

4. Your Origin Story

Detail your team’s experience and achievements. For early-stage companies, highlight technical founders. For established companies, emphasize management strength and leadership experience. Namedrop respected advisors.

5. Future Vision

Share your vision to capitalize on the immense market potential you have sized and segmented. Provide specifics on how you will achieve growth, like product roadmap, geographic expansion, operational scale, and new customer segments.

6. The Ask

Specify exactly how much capital you are raising now and how it will accelerate your growth. Discuss future funding needs and exit strategy.

For more tips on acing investor presentations, download our How to craft compelling investor presentations guide.

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