4 Must-Haves to Include in Your Investor Presentation

Incorporate these key elements into your pitch to prospective investors

investor presentations

Once you’ve done your research on potential investors and crafted the perfect company story, it’s time to focus on what to include in your investor presentations.

Here are four key elements you’ll want to make sure you incorporate into your pitch:

Business Model and Market Opportunity

Explain your specific customer problem and how your product or service addresses it. Provide details on your total addressable market supported by data on its size, growth metrics, and competitive landscape. Use charts and graphs to visually showcase the immense potential.

Management Team

Introduce key team members and board advisors with brief backgrounds highlighting their most relevant expertise and achievements. For early-stage companies, emphasize technical capabilities, while mature companies should highlight seasoned leadership. Include short bios in an appendix.

Financials and Key Metrics

Present historical financial performance over time, calling out key trends. Include metrics like customer acquisition cost, churn rate, and burn rate that are relevant benchmarks for your industry and stage. Create projections extending historical performance into the future.

Growth Strategy and Future Projections

Outline your concrete strategic growth plans supported by historical traction. Provide projected financials, clearly tying forecasts back to specific growth initiatives and opportunities. Illustrate how the capital raised will fund expansion plans to accelerate returns.

For more tips on acing investor presentations and securing funding for your company, download our How to craft compelling investor presentations guide.

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