The First SaaS Payment Management With Full Visibility & Optimization

SaaS Payment Management

We’ve got some HUGE news to share! Today we launch our one-of-a-kind SaaS Payment management product. For the first time, finance managers will have the power to optimize their SaaS spend with actionable insights that provides total visibility & understanding of their company’s SaaS, at any given moment.

With Mesh connectivity, our platform connects to all company SaaS so that finance teams receive relevant data from all the tools the company is using. Insights are delivered at the perfect time, whether it’s when a payment request comes through or while a service is already being paid for. We know that finance managers are the experts when it comes to optimizing spend, including SaaS, which is why we’ve incorporated this into the Mesh platform. 

This is part of the larger Mesh offering, with the goal to provide finance managers a complete solution with all-new insights that enables them to manage and control all their SaaS and corporate spend in one, powerful platform.

Organizations today easily have more than 100 SaaS apps in their stack, making SaaS a huge part of their spend budget. They know they need a better way to manage them, beyond messy spreadsheets and countless hours spent pouring through data and chasing after SaaS owners. By integrating SaaS insights into a spend management platform, any data relating to corporate payments feeds back into optimizing SaaS spend, so everything is in one place with the highest and most accurate level of data.

Let’s talk a little more about what lies at the core of the product:

The Right Insights at the Right Time for Continuous Cost Optimization

Picture this. A payment request has just come through from an employee to sign up for a subscription to Asana. Before starting to tediously sift through the company directory, a ‘SaaS insight’ notification immediately appears.

SaaS insight notification

With this kind of knowledge, finance managers can always maximize their company SaaS spend and learn everything they need to know to make data-driven decisions with insights on duplicate subscriptions, cost effective alternatives, how many licenses the company is holding and how many are underused, pricing packages and more. 

End-To-End Connectivity on the Entire SaaS Stack

Mesh connects to all the company SaaS ensuring finance managers get a true and holistic view of their SaaS at any given moment. Whether it’s an employee onboarding or offboarding, a payment request, benchmarking SaaS or identifying inactive licenses, the finance team will always be armed with the right data to get the most out of their SaaS and the most out of their spend. 

To paint the picture a little more clearly let’s take a look at the example of when an employee leaves the company. By connecting with all company SaaS, finance managers will immediately know before an employee leaves and be able to cancel any subscriptions under that employees name, such as Linkedin Premium, avoiding recurring payments for months, or years. All the SaaS spend data relating to that employee is synced with Mesh to get more visibility into the organization, enabling a real understanding of how the company operates, facilitating spend optimization.

Not Just Another Card With Spend Controls

Not only are businesses guaranteed to continuously save costs, but finance teams also gain the ultimate control over each subscription. Each subscription can be managed on its own, without having other services affected. Lock cards to specific vendors, set spend limits and expiry dates per subscription, easily suspend subscriptions, get approval flows with dual approvals for payment requests and receive alerts for any payment activity directly to Slack, email and text.

We hope you managed to hold your breath long enough for that list 😏

The One Platform for Everything SaaS

Finance teams get real-time visibility into their SaaS stack all from the Mesh platform. See all SaaS activity in one intuitive dashboard, whether it’s how many inactive users for a subscription, the amount spent throughout the month or quarter or when a receipt has been added. Finance managers will also be able to generate automatic spend reports, customized to their company at any time.  

The platform isn’t just about managing licenses but having a central place to manage all SaaS and help leaders collaborate and make more strategic decisions.

Automation From Request to Reconciliation 

Finance teams get a fully automated payment process for their SaaS spend so they can save hours every month. From the moment a payment request comes in, to approval flows, receipt collection and matching, all the way to a one-click reconciliation.

No limits

The sky’s the limit with Mesh SaaS management. Here’s why:

  • Unlimited apps
  • Completely free
  • No added fees
  • No maximum number of users
  • Lifetime use

Our new SaaS payment management platform provides finance managers with an end-to-end solution for their SaaS. With a whole new level of insight and high level controls, finance teams will be empowered to truly know their SaaS and continuously optimize their spend throughout the entire SaaS lifecycle.

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Manage Your Payments With Full Control & Visibility

Take Control of Your Spend
Manage Your Payments With Full Control & Visibility