When it Comes To Global Expense Management, Are You Asking Vendors The Right Questions?

Expense Management Solution For Global Companies

Choosing an expense management solution for your global organization can be a daunting task. That’s why we made a guide to walk you through the important questions you should be asking potential vendors.

For example, some vendors might say they offer multi-subsidiary support — but what does that really mean? Do they separate subsidiaries into multiple accounts or are they all put into one? What about multi-ERP support? And if all of your entities funnel into the same ERP, is there a global parent-level view where you can track spend and get insights across all of your entities?

These questions matter because the answers can affect your ability to integrate multiple ERPs, fund with multiple bank accounts, and get a truly universal view of all of your entities in one place.

And that’s just one example of the questions you should be asking when considering a spend management solution.

For more questions you should be asking about everything from multi-currency support to integrations to compliance management, download our new guide, What to Ask When You’re Evaluating Global Expense Management Solutions.

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