Mesh Plug & Pay Cards: Spend Management in Your Pocket While Paying On-the-Go

Mesh Plug & Pay Cards

Businesses all over the world are constantly looking for new solutions to keep up with the rapid rate of technological change. This is true across teams and departments and is especially felt by finance teams which are responsible for keeping their companies on-budget. That’s why more and more finance teams are looking at spend management platforms to help them manage and gain insight into their spend. With a blend of virtual payment cards, versatile budgeting & spend controls, and automatic receipt matching to aid monthly reconciliation, spend management platforms like Mesh are a boon to finance professionals.

But there are times when virtual or digital payment options aren’t convenient, and Mesh customers have been asking for a solution for offline payments in the real world. That’s why we’re introducing a first-of-its-kind corporate card – Plug & Pay.

A physical card with all the virtual benefits

Plug & Pay is a physical-virtual corporate card — meaning that it gives finance teams the best of both worlds. Here’s how it works: with Plug & Pay finance managers can “plug-in” new virtual cards to the physical card with just a click. This brings an unprecedented level of freedom and flexibility to corporate payments, but more than that, it brings all the control back to finance teams.

Everything finance teams love about Mesh –  it’s all there in the physical card: pre-approved budgets, one-click cancelation and suspension, automatic receipt matching & reconciliation, and more. Here’s how Plug & Pay will make life easier for finance teams.

The most flexible way to pay on-the-go

Plug & Pay is all about providing the most flexible way to pay, anywhere you go. Because it’s a physical card, it works anywhere that physical Visa cards are accepted — which is basically everywhere. So now, as businesses return to travel in greater and greater numbers they can take all of the digital benefits they expect from Mesh with them in their pockets.

The Plug & Pay card provides employees with flexibility and simplicity while managing their spend on-the-go and totally new ways to budget for expenses. For instance, imagine an employee on a trip that loses their computer. Finance managers can create a dedicated card budgeted just to replace the laptop and link it to the physical card. Or if teams need to pay with a different budget for a hotel, or to print materials for a conference – Plug & Play provides the flexibility to meet any situation and find the right way to pay for it.

A card for every employee that needs one

Once an employee no longer needs a physical card, it can be reassigned in seconds to another employee with just a click. This eliminates the need to distribute physical cards to all employees, as Plug & Pay can easily move from employee to employee depending on the specific needs of your businesses – it keeps you in control.

The most secure corporate card

Plug & Pay is a numberless card, which makes it more secure, but it links back to virtual Mesh cards, giving it all the flexibility and versatility of the Mesh platform. Beyond that, if one of your virtual cards is compromised, you can suspend it with just a click and link a brand new virtual card to the physical card – no need to replace the card in your pocket.

Real time control & visibility

With Plug & Pay, you get visibility into your spend, as it’s happening. Mesh provides deep insights across your spend with Plug & Pay spending visible right alongside your other virtual cards. And the Mesh platform lets you manage all aspects of the card, including: setting PIN codes, assigning to new employees, or transferring the physical card from one employee to another for different purposes.

Easy management of payment workflows on-the-go

Mesh can help you automate receipt matching and reconciliation across your spend and across vendors. With Plug & Pay, payments made in physical locations can be seamlessly integrated into automated workflows saving valuable time and accelerating monthly close.

Plug & Pay is an exciting step for us as we work to bring more control and flexibility to businesses across their spend, and across the locations where that spend happens. Our new corporate card is an important step as we work with our users on finance teams from businesses of all sizes to help them take control and gain insight into their spend.

Ready to give Plug & Pay a try? Sign up for a demo so you can see all the benefits Plug & Pay and Mesh Payments provide.

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Manage Your Payments With Full Control & Visibility

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Manage Your Payments With Full Control & Visibility