Mesh Payments Teams Up With Papaya Global to Simplify Workforce Management

Mesh Payments Teams Up With Papaya Global

Managing teams working remotely and around the world has always been a challenge. The accelerated growth in remote work sparked by the pandemic has demanded a new level of agility, flexibility, and transparency inside finance teams. Along with this, has come a surge in SaaS subscriptions as distributed workforces source mission critical tools and services. All of this taken together means that outdated, legacy finance and accounting solutions are no longer sufficient for businesses embracing remote workers.

As global and distributed workforces continue to grow in the post-pandemic economy, companies need to say goodbye to outdated expense reimbursement systems that put the burden on the employee and are complicated by geographic red tape.

To address these challenges, we are thrilled to partner with Papaya Global to provide Mesh’s spend management platform to Papaya Global users. Through the partnership, we are working together to address the challenges businesses face in adapting to distributed workforces and transforming the employee experience with better payroll and business expense management tools.

Papaya Global helps companies streamline hiring and payroll for global teams. With the service, companies can track all of their global employees from one platform and easily manage payroll requirements across multiple geographic locations, including navigating local labor and legal requirements.

Mesh provides a seamless platform for businesses to manage all of their corporate spend, letting finance teams gain complete control over payments. This is a critical capability for companies managing global teams. Employees working remotely are often required to make purchases, whether for equipment or for services needed to help them accomplish their goals. Mesh makes it easy for those employees to be issued virtual payment cards that can be targeted for highly specific purposes – including the ability to lock payment cards to individual vendors.

Beyond that, Mesh can help Papaya Global users eliminate a critical pain point – employee reimbursement. With Mesh, businesses can implement a completely different way for employees to manage expenses. Rather than paying out of pocket and waiting to be reimbursed, Mesh users can simply use virtual cards, skipping the reimbursement process entirely.

The partnership is a hallmark of the way we at Mesh are working with leading partners from across the industry to bring our solution to more and more businesses. You can read more about the partnership here, or read more about it in our press announcement with Papaya Global.

To learn more about how Mesh can help you manage expenses across global teams, schedule a demo today.

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