Mesh Tips and Tricks to Help You Save Time and Money

Mesh Tips and Tricks to Help Save Time and Money

Mesh is built with finance teams in mind to help them take control of their spending and automate key tasks. But beyond that, Mesh is focused on the larger goal of helping companies save money and optimize their spend.

The platform provides a full set of powerful tools to help your team accomplish this critical task. Ranging from streamlined card creation that lets you set custom controls and limits, to robust integrations with leading ERPs to help you accelerate your monthly close, Mesh puts finance teams in the driver’s seat.

Here are some quick tips on how Mesh can help lower spending, save time, and make your business more agile.

Automatic Receipt Reminders

One of the most time consuming tasks for finance teams is having to chase after employees for their receipts. With Mesh, you can automate this task and focus on strategic goals.

Cancel Employee Cards

When an employee leaves your company, it’s easy to cancel all the cards assigned to them ensuring you don’t make any unneeded payments.

Deactivate and Reassign Cards in Seconds

What about when an employee leaves but you need to maintain the payments they were making, for subscriptions for instance? It’s easy. Just deactivate their account and reassign their cards to an admin.

Identify Duplicate Subscriptions

One of the biggest ways companies waste money is on duplicate subscriptions and services. Mesh helps you avoid this with timely notifications.

Quickly Cancel Subscriptions

Ready to cancel a subscription? Mesh lets you do it with just a click. Find the card that pays for the service, click cancel, and … that’s it!

Lock Cards to Specific Vendors

Want to make sure a card is only used for its intended purpose? With Mesh, it’s easy to lock a card to one vendor so it can’t be used to pay for anything else.

These are just a few of the ways Mesh can help your team. To learn even more, sign up for a demo of Mesh today.

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Manage Your Payments With Full Control & Visibility