Mesh CFO, Anna King, On Bringing More Women into the C-suite

bringing Women into C-suite

One statistic that all of us at Mesh Payments are incredibly proud of is the percentage of women on our senior leadership team: 60%. That’s an incredible fact for any industry, and even more so a fintech company. Importantly, three of the most important roles in our company — CFO, COO and CPO — are filled by women.

Sadly, management teams like the one we’re privileged to have here at Mesh are still the exception rather than the rule. In fintech, in the tech industry more broadly, and across the global professional landscape, women are still underrepresented in C-level positions.

That’s one of the reasons Mesh CFO, Anna King, recently sat down with American Banker and had a discussion with senior editor, Mary Ellen Egan, about these very issues. You can see a full video of the conversation below:

King discussed a host of topics, including some of her thoughts on specific ways we can all make progress as an industry to make C-level roles more accessible to women. Importantly, she spoke about the ways work/life balance and finding ways to accommodate women in that regard are critical to creating an inclusive workplace.

“As women progress through their careers, they ultimately are faced with a choice whether to continue and advance in their careers or to start families and balance other priorities,” she said. “And so I think it’s really important for companies to be supportive of women to offer flexibility so that they don’t have to make that choice. And there are a number of things that companies can do to help women have a long successful career.”

Most importantly, the conversation itself is a key step. In order to create more opportunities for women at the top, it’s important for women in leadership roles to have these conversations, and promote them publicly.

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