Data Entry Done 6X Faster With OCR Technology

Faster Data Entry With OCR Technology

OCR technology digitizes documents and text-heavy images, making them easily searchable. You’ve probably reaped its rewards without even knowing that it’s at work behind the scenes.

So, let’s find out what OCR is and how it’s helping businesses speed up their data entry.

What is OCR?

OCR, or Optical Character Recognition, in simple terms is making the move from paper to digital. With OCR technology, any scanned document or image containing text will be converted into a digital format. Many companies use OCR as a way to manage large amounts of documents electronically, enabling these forms to be more searchable, easier to store and not to mention, better for the environment — a nice bonus!

The idea for OCR was originally conceived back in the 1870’s. However, it only came to fruition in the late 1920’s where it was used to interpret Morse code and read text out loud, while later on it was used to facilitate scanning images of text.

How does OCR help me when using Mesh?

Integrating OCR into our platform enables your data entry process to be easier and faster, allowing your team to work more productively. Anytime you upload an invoice, the information is extracted to ensure it matches the transaction that took place. This means you can skip all the manual work you might be used to and spend your efforts more strategically.

How do I get started?

You don’t need to do anything! OCR works automatically, running in the background – you just need to continue uploading invoices as you normally would, and OCR will provide you with auto-completions and suggestions. The more you select the suggestions, Mesh will get smarter about how to auto-fill fields on invoices and ultimately save you time.

Is OCR accurate?

Most OCR software is around 80-90% accurate – depending on the quality of the original document, whether it’s smudged or wrinkled and how clear the text is.

What if I have questions?

Contact our Customer Success team anytime, 24/7 for any questions you have so that we can help you save time with your data.

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