A Year of Growing Globally – 2023 in Review

The first days of a new year always offer a great opportunity to understand where you are, where you’ve been, and where you’re going. As we rush into 2024 to tackle the challenges of the upcoming year, it’s worth looking back at 2023 to understand what Mesh Payments accomplished over the past year and what it means for our community of customers.

In 2023, we announced a number of new products and features that will set Mesh Payments up for the future of global business. We are focusing more intently on providing the solutions needed by global enterprises in general and by our customers more specifically. In 2023, we took steps that make Mesh the best solution for global, multi-entity business and with our sharper focus on travel, aim to help enterprises solve one of the biggest pain points they face today.

Major Mesh product launches in 2023

Mesh had a super busy and exciting spring and summer, unveiling three major new products.

Mesh Travel Management

Mesh unveiled our travel initiative that will take the company in exciting new directions. Mesh Travel brings our focus on flexibility and providing seamless experiences to the world of business travel.

Mesh Travel is the industry’s only TMC-agnostic travel management solution integrated with corporate cards, automated travel policy enforcement, and AI-enabled expense management tools. It gives businesses the tools they need to book travel, pay for it, and manage the entire process from a single platform that’s integrated with their other payments and expenses.

Importantly, Mesh Travel was built with global enterprises in mind and gives them important tools, such as Duty-of-care and support for multiple entities and currencies, that they need to manage travel across worldwide remote workforces.

Find out more about Mesh Travel Management.

Mesh Global

Mesh also announced Mesh Global, a unified platform for global enterprises to manage all of their worldwide spend. It helps businesses manage each local entity with fine level controls customized for local regulations and compliance as well as allowing them to hold balances and fund payments and reimbursements in local currencies.

Marking the launch, Mesh CEO Oded Zehavi said, “Managing spend for remote workforces and global operations can be complex, but Mesh offers a unified platform for global enterprises to handle local operations in local currency at scale. Mesh Payments is thrilled to help businesses increase their finance efficiency and solve the pain points of global spend.”

Find out more about Mesh Global.

Mesh ProcurePay

Additionally, Mesh launched ProcurePay, a flexible solution that connects to any ERP or procurement system, creating a seamless, automated workflow from PO to payment.

Procurement has been a difficult challenge for businesses, requiring them to manage several disconnected platforms. ProcurePay helps automate the process by connecting to the business’s ERP or procurement system. When a PO is approved, it triggers Mesh to automatically create a virtual card. Cards are pre-coded with all the necessary data from the PO, and embedded spend policies. ProcurePay even allows for additional, customizable approvals to ensure everyone is on the same page for large purchases.

Find out more about ProcurePay.

Helping customers manage spend

When we look at the progress we made over 2023, we’re proud of the way we’ve helped companies save time and money, and gain control over their spending and increasing visibility into expenses. Here’s an overview of how we helped our customers.

2023 overview of how Mesh helped its customers

A year of recognition

In 2023, Mesh was recognized multiple times as a rapidly growing company that is helping to solve new problems and serve new market categories:

Resources for finance and travel teams

Over the course of 2023 we’ve worked hard to build a library of valuable content that can help finance teams develop strategies to face the challenges of spend management in a global business landscape.

Some highlights from the past year:

In 2023 we also released the Mesh Podcast – CFO Trends, hosted by finance influencer Chris Ortega. We spoke to leaders in the finance space to look at the trends and developments that are shaping the future of the CFO office.

We look forward to our continued growth over 2024 and riding our momentum from the past year. All of our efforts are driven by our commitment to serving our customers and helping them face the unique challenges of global enterprises.

To find out more about Mesh Payments and how it can help your team take control of spending and manage travel across the globe, sign up for a demo today.

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