Guide: SaaS Vendor Management

SaaS Vendor Management

As your company grows, so does the number of SaaS tools your team needs to get their work done, from email marketing to web hosting, business intelligence, and beyond.

SaaS (Software as a Service) platforms are growing rapidly with solutions emerging to cover the full spectrum of business tasks. These online, cloud platforms give businesses easy-to-implement solutions that can help them achieve their goals. Additionally, their subscription model makes them more affordable for young, or rapidly growing companies since they don’t have to invest heavily upfront.

To help finance teams understand the SaaS landscape and how to get the most out of your spend, we created a SaaS Vendor Management Guide. The guide provides actionable insights and details on the following:

What is SaaS?

A quick overview of SaaS platforms and how the market is developing.

Selecting and Negotiating with SaaS Vendors

Insights into how you can choose the SaaS platform that’s right for your business and tips for negotiating a successful contract with them.

Managing Relationships with SaaS Vendors and Renegotiating

Once you’ve selected a vendor, how can you maximize your use of the platform? Additionally, this section will help you understand how to get more value from the platform as you renegotiate with them.

Managing SaaS Spending

Find out how spend management platforms can help you control and gain insight into your SaaS expenses – making sure you are paying for what you need without wasting money on unused services or accounts.

With SaaS taking on a near ubiquitous role in the modern business landscape, it’s more important than ever for finance teams to have the information they need to manage these platforms. Maximizing value from SaaS platforms can give your business a key advantage in an increasingly challenging economic environment.

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