Mesh: The Right Way to Reimburse

Mesh: The Right Way to Reimburse

With Mesh, Reimbursements are Integrated with All of Your Company’s Spend

Whether it’s for travel, gas, meals, or other incidentals, most companies need to occasionally reimburse employees for expenses they made as part of their work. In the past, this involved annoying expense reports, collecting paper receipts, and opaque processes that leave both finance teams and employees frustrated.

Mesh’s spend management platform can help businesses avoid most of the hassle involved with reimbursements by avoiding the process in the first place. With virtual cards, and Mesh’s Plug & Pay physical corporate card, it’s easy to issue employees pre-approved cards with dedicated budgets to pay for the goods and services they need. This keeps finance teams in control of employee spending, while helping them improve productivity by automating much of the manual work associated with the traditional expense management process.

However, there are still some use cases where employees need to pay out of pocket. That’s why Mesh has a dedicated solution for reimbursements so businesses can manage all of their expenses from one place.

Managing Reimbursements Correctly

One of the big problems that businesses face with managing reimbursements, is that it forces them to work backwards. In the traditional method, an expense is made and then the finance team needs to find a budget for that expense.

An additional problem that exists with traditional reimbursement methods is that it separates expenses made with different payment methods into different processes. Payments made with corporate cards exist in one workflow, while payments made with cash from employees will exist in another. Both of these issues lead to inefficiency for finance teams and create significant amounts of extra work.

With Mesh, on the other hand, it’s easy to start with a budget and then associate expenses with that budget as they are made. On top of that, it doesn’t matter if a payment is made with cash or a virtual card — all payments can be approved in the same place, under one budget. Mesh provides a comprehensive platform for managing all of your corporate spend, and now finance teams can manage reimbursements alongside all of their other expenses.

Streamlined and Automated Approvals

Once you integrate reimbursements into your spend management platform, it unlocks the potential to significantly streamline and automate the approval process. First, it’s easy for employees to identify the budget that their expense is associated with, and upload receipts. From there, finance managers can simply approve with a click.

Beyond that, Mesh also enables automatic approvals. Finance managers can choose specific kinds of expenses and budgets that can be automatically approved. When an employee uploads an expense that meets the criteria finance managers set, it will automatically be approved, saving time and effort.

More Visibility into Reimbursements

Currently, reimbursements represent an opaque set of expenses. There’s no easy way for finance teams to get a comprehensive picture of the money employees are spending and what room there is to cut costs or other optimizations.

With Mesh, reimbursements are integrated into an accessible platform that gives finance teams one place to see all of their expenses. It provides filtering and other tools to quickly identify expenses as well as other insights into spending that can help companies lower costs.

No Need for Extra Platforms

Other services exist that are targeted at solving just the problem of reimbursements. However, these solutions don’t offer any functionality for companies to manage the rest of their spend. Mesh eliminates the need for extra reimbursement solutions and the costs associated with them.

Beyond that, Mesh is totally free to use and also offers customers cash back on every payment made with the platform. This provides an incredible opportunity for businesses to streamline costs while also earning money on their existing expenses.

Mesh Gives You the Support You Need

Whether you’re managing reimbursements or just your everyday spending, it’s important that you can trust your spend management platform to give you the help you need, when you need it. With Mesh, you can count on industry-leading support 24/7. And on top of that, Mesh can help you monitor mission critical payments to make sure they always go through.

Reimbursements have been a thorn in the side of finance teams for some time, but they don’t have to be. By integrating them with the rest of your spend and streamlining and automating approvals, Mesh can help you take control of reimbursements. To find out more about Mesh and how it can help you manage your employee reimbursements and corporate spend, sign up for a demo today.

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