How Mesh Integrations for Your ERP Give You Better Cash Flow Visibility 

Syncing Mesh with Your ERP Gives You Better Cash Flow Visibility

The more visibility you have into your company’s cash flow, the better. It allows you to make more informed business decisions and to react quickly in changing economic conditions.

One way that Mesh helps your business get more visibility into your spending is with our customized integrations for ERP platforms. 

By syncing up a spend management platform directly with your ERP, you’ll be able to get a fuller view of your company’s financial health in real time.

Why Is Cash Flow Visibility Important?

Though not the only metric you can use, cash flow is a good indicator of the success of your business. Positive cash flow — meaning that you have more money coming into your business than going out — is of course generally a good sign. A consistently negative cash flow, on the other hand, is probably a sign that failure is imminent if major changes aren’t made. For context, 82% of failed businesses cite cash flow problems as a main reason for collapse.

It is especially crucial to maintain positive cash flow during an economic downturn in order to help your business survive. Employees may need further assistance, utility prices may surge, and supply chain issues could cause major delays — without cash on-hand, your business will not be able to meet these challenges.

In order to respond to unexpected circumstances, most businesses will likely need to increase their cash flow, at least temporarily. One way to increase cash flow visibility is to sync your corporate spending directly with your ERP.

How Syncing Mesh with Your ERP Gives You Better Cash Flow Visibility

More Accurate Reporting

Mesh’s integration for ERPs allows you to seamlessly manage all finances from one platform, so you no longer have to gather and consolidate information from multiple sources.

This allows your company to generate wider-reaching and more accurate reports and statements, while ensuring compliance with regional regulations. It also prevents the siloing of information, ensuring that no spending or revenue goes unaccounted for because it is tracked with a different, unintegrated software.

When Mesh syncs with your ERP, your corporate spending is automatically transmitted to your accounting software, matching receipts and reconciling your books as you go. This gives you an up-to-date look into exactly how much available cash you have — empowering you to react quickly and nimbly to changing economic climates. 

Clear Audit Trails

Mesh integrations for your ERP make transitioning between the two platforms seamless. All Mesh transaction information is made available in your ERP, allowing you to easily track and find any transaction and immediately correct any discrepancies.

This two-way street between Mesh and and your ERP creates a clear audit trail to ensure that all corporate spending is properly accounted for. Mistakes or suspicious spending can be noticed as soon as Mesh transactions are synced, eliminating the need to wait for monthly statements from traditional corporate cards and reducing the opportunity for theft and fraud.

Better Scalability

Cash flow visibility is crucial when trying to scale your business, so syncing your Mesh data with your ERP is essential. 

While there are lots of ERP options available on the market, NetSuite offers reputable products that can grow with your company. The faster you’re able to start using NetSuite, the less you’ll have to worry about transitioning your company’s financial data to a new platform down the road and running the risk of losing data in the shuffle.

By integrating Mesh and NetSuite, your company will be able to see all transactions in real time and none of that information will be lost as your company grows.

Final Thoughts

In order to operate an efficient business, you need to know exactly how much cash you have on-hand at any given time. Cash flow can affect how you plan for the long-term future of your company, as well as day-to-day decisions when reacting to volatile economic conditions.

By syncing your Mesh transactions to your ERP, you’ll get the most up-to-date information on the company’s financial health and be able to react to changing economic climates quickly and nimbly.

To learn more about Mesh’s integration for NetSuite, check out our recent guide, How Mesh’s Integration for NetSuite Saves Hours of Manual Work and Improves Cash Flow Visibility.

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