Virtual Cards

Generate unlimited, customized virtual cards* for any business purpose.

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Extensive virtual cards API

Easily integrate Mesh with your platform and start generating white-labeled virtual cards on your own platform. Go from setup to issuing in 24 hours.

*For more information regarding unlimited virtual cards availability
please see our pricing page.

Fully customizable

Get full control over your card settings and customize them as much or as little as you need. Perfectly tailored to your unique business needs. Set budgets, expiration dates, custom limits, and one-time or multiple-use card behaviors. Whatever the scenario, you’re in control because you built it that way.

Real-time transaction visibility

Access your full transaction history immediately. Drill down to get complete transaction data, including card requestor and approver, receipt, invoice/PO, etc. If something doesn’t add up, take action, and suspend or cancel the card at any time.

Simple set-up & integration

Mesh’s payment and API experts will walk you through the setup and integration process, and help you customize the platform to your use case. Taking you from old, manual payment organization to modern, scalable payment infrastructure.

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