Guide: Telling a Story with Quarterly Results

how to tell a story with quarterly results

Communicating quarterly results can be a challenge, especially when the results are not what stakeholders expected. To make the data more engaging, CFOs should tell a story around the numbers. This can be achieved by giving context to the data, placing it within a bigger picture, using visual aids, addressing challenges honestly, and outlining future plans.

By comparing quarterly data to KPIs, showing trends, and mapping data against internal and external events, CFOs can help stakeholders better understand the company’s performance, strategy, and future prospects. Visual aids, such as charts and graphs, can make the data more digestible. It’s important to be honest about challenges and mistakes, and to explain how they will be addressed. Lastly, outlining future plans and timelines can build trust and strengthen relationships.

We’ve compiled a guide filled with tips for presenting a company’s quarterly results, especially when the results don’t meet expectations.

In our Guide to Telling a Story with Quarterly Results, you’ll learn strategies like:

  • Effectively analyzing financial data and contextualizing it within larger macroeconomic and company-wide events
  • Tailoring presentations to specific audiences to convey the most effective information in the most engaging way
  • Preparing and presenting solutions to improve results next quarter

Download the guide through the form and enjoy your reading!

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