Spend Trends Report: Digital Advertising, SaaS, and Cloud Spend in Q3-Q4 2022

Spend Trends Report Q3-Q4 2022

How are companies allocating digital spend heading into 2023?

2022 was a financially tumultuous year across almost all industries. Rapidly changing market conditions meant that companies had to make some big changes to their digital spend as the year wore on, from advertising to SaaS and cloud services. Mesh data showed a major slowdown in spending across the board during Q2. From Q3 to Q4, there were continued cuts to spending in some categories — and surprising growth in others.

Download our Spend Trends Report to learn about:

  • How spending changed across SaaS, digital advertising, and cloud services in the second half of 2022
  • The ad platforms with the biggest cuts to spend (and which sole outlier bucked the trend)
  • Which industries are increasing their investment in digital tools and services — and which aren’t

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