Guide: Building a Yearly Budget During Economic Uncertainty

Building a Yearly Budget

It’s difficult to make predictions for the year to come when the larger economic climate is changing so rapidly and drastically. Priorities will likely change, but a strong budget will help your company make better informed decisions for the coming year.

So, we’ve put together some expert advice on how to create a budget during these uncertain times.

In Mesh Payments’ guide Building a Yearly Budget During Economic Uncertainty, you’ll learn:

  • How to efficiently prepare for budget building by analyzing the right information and breaking budgets down by revenues, headcounts and operating expenses
  • How to effectively negotiate with budget owners across your company in a way that is productive and financially sound for everyone
  • How to engagingly present data to stakeholders and the board to ensure that a well-built budget is approved and understood by all  

Plus, we’ll discuss some of the common roadblocks encountered during the budgeting process with expert tips on how to overcome these challenges.

Download the guide through the form and enjoy your reading!

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