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  • Why SaaS Subscription Management is Important

    SaaS tools help streamline your business’s operations. Instead of developing internal tools to help run your business, many pay for ready-made software which they adapt and integrate into the workplace. From Slack to Zendesk, these software products quickly become a vital component in your business’s day-to-day affairs. It has never been more important to keep track of and protect your SaaS subscriptions.

    Many businesses are unknowingly losing revenue every month by overlooking the thousands of dollars they spend on SaaS payments. As your team incorporates more software as a service (SaaS) into the workplace, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage the subscriptions, putting your business operations at risk. This is exactly what Subscription Management tools meant to solve.

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  • Expense Management Software for Businesses

    Expense management software is an efficient, simple, and easy tool to help companies manage their expenses. Old-style procedures of expense management are prone to unnecessary risks and issues. These issues can include the loss of documents and human error. Consequently, manually processing receipts and verifying documents by hand costs time, productivity, and resources. This is why in recent years more companies are gravitating towards software to control their expenses.

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  • A Complete Guide to B2B Payments

    Businesses are playing catch-up in the world of digital payments when it comes to B2B payments. Whereas commercial payments have almost entirely moved to electronic transfers, many businesses are still reliant on the good old-fashioned paper cheque for their daily B2B payments. However, a wave of automation in the realm of digital payments has caused a gradual shift in the way businesses are going about their B2B payments.

    Simply put, B2B payments are the exchange of currency for goods or services between two businesses. Typically, B2B payments are used for media buying, eCommerce, and SaaS assurances. Any time one business invoices another, it is considered a business to business transaction.

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