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Today's cross-border payments technology needs a reboot. For decades, businesses have faced uncertainty when making international payments. Complex processes, unknown costs, the inability to track payment, and lack of transparency at all times, have created businesses to lose control of the way they make and receive global cross-border payments. Mesh transforms payments - giving businesses back control and allowing them to achieve more.

Moving the cross-border payments industry forward

The industry is changing and incremental steps are being taken to enhance cross-border payments. Mesh gets this and is advancing cross-border payments technology by innovating on the existing payment rails of established card networks available in the market. This gives businesses the chance to receive international payments faster than traditional methods.
By partnering with Payment Service Providers and Acquirers globally, Mesh is altering cross-border payment flows by being the first global B2B payment network to offer straight through processing with virtual prepaid cards. Businesses can now be paid their way.
Mesh take the complexity out of international payments, so that entrepreneurs can focus on what they do best — serving their customers and growing their businesses. Our aim is to help businesses improve cash flow, reduce friction and lower costs by using a trusted payments technology.

Who we are

Creators, Adventurers, Doers

Imagine… decades of payments know-how and experience rolled into just a few talented innovators. Mesh was founded by globally recognised payment and technology leaders that dared to dream of pushing the borders of payments. Inspired by the challenges entrepreneurs face in emerging markets, Mesh founders envisioned a global B2B payment network that enables small businesses make simple, secure and cost-effective payments. They rolled up their sleeves and got to work. The rest is history…..

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