Subscription Payments

Get 360° visibility and control over your business’s SaaS subscription payments.

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One-stop subscription payments hub

The subscription payments hub brings together distributed subscription data into one, easy to use control hub. Giving you full control over all your payments, with budget controls to cancel, suspend or edit a subscription in one-click, and real-time budget violation notifications and rules.

Subscription assurance

Say goodbye to vulnerable corporate card dependency and risks. Mesh assigns a unique digital card per subscription and identifies and monitors mission-critical subscriptions to ensure your SaaS business continuity. If a payment fails, our incident management team will contact you immediately to rectify the issue before your business is impacted.

Vendor assurance & locks

A dedicated virtual card is issued via Metropolitan Commercial Bank for each subscription that is locked to the SaaS vendor and cannot be used for any other purpose. We validate the receiving vendor and the payment to ensure that your payments are exactly what you signed up for.

Payment request orchestration

Subscription payment requests are streamlined with request orchestration that ensures that employees provide all the necessary information for approval, and then securely delivers back a newly issued virtual card for their use.

SaaS vendor intelligence

Mesh analyzes your subscription payments to identify duplicate payments and zombie subscriptions and discover opportunities to reduce your corporate payment spend.

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Take Control of Your Subscription Spend

Need more than subscription payments? Use Mesh’s on-demand payments.

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