Mesh - Okta Integration

Okta, an identity, and access management company, was established in 2009 and is headquartered in San Francisco, California, United States.

Okta can assist the HR system by providing features like provisioning new users, adding employee profiles, providing employee access across the entire system, and revoking employee access from the system.

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Key Features


Single Sign-On

End users soon grow overloaded handling several URLs, usernames, and passwords as more apps are installed.


Expand Active Directory

Federate your corporate identities across all of your SaaS services by integrating with Active Directory only once.


de-provisioning centrally

Businesses must stop unauthorized access to vital cloud and online apps to guarantee regulatory compliance and fulfill security standards.


Manage Users Automatically

The extensive user management capabilities of Okta include password synchronization, user import, provisioning, and de-provisioning.


Managing ROI and compliance

Businesses must now securely limit access to vital apps and data due to a plethora of legal requirements.

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