Mesh - JumpCloud Integration

JumpCloud was established in 2013 and has its headquarters in Louisville, Colorado.

Its services include Cloud directory, API services, device management, and integration of HR and IT software to streamline their function. It assists in on and off-boarding as well as employee life cycle tracking and management.

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Key Features


Mobile accessibility

Having mobile access to important information, company connections, and the ability to do rapid activities like time-off clearance.


Secured Management

Securely manage and link user identities to various IT resources, including systems, apps, networks, and files regardless of platform, protocol, provider, or location.


Accurate authorization

Stop exchanging passwords and SSIDs; instead, integrate WiFi and VPN equipment to use each user's unique credentials and group membership for the proper authorization.


System Accessibility

Access system administration tools from a single admin panel that is browser-based. Establish password requirements, run ad-hoc scripts, enforce regulations, and authenticate users.

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