Mesh - HR Partner Integration

For companies with between 30 and 300 people, HR Partner is an effective HR Management solution. Time off requests, hiring processes, and performance evaluations are all included. To request leave, change information, and other things, your staff may log in using the self-service site.

HR administrators can handle requests for vacation, sick days, time off, and employee employment records with HR Partner. The technology integrates smoothly with Xero and Slack and features an employee self-service site.

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Key Features


Manage operations

Evaluate and keep track of current guidelines and practices.


Gather data

Gather and track employee and organization data.



Facilitate collaboration across geographically dispersed teams.

Easily connect to
your HRIS

Connect Mesh to HR Partner and as many users as you wish. Mesh will sync all your user databases and match all the details automatically.

Control spending at scale

Setting limits is important. Make cards with built-in limitations on amount or merchant. You can control the restrictions and recurring spending limits, which can be reset daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.

Roll out employee benefits in seconds

Onboarding is a quick process with Mesh. When you integrate Mesh with HR Partner, you can make unlimited customized cards. These cards can be use for employee benefits, like stipends, wellness benefits, etc.

Update access as your company changes

Once an employee leaves your company, deactivate cards and update ownership instantly with Mesh.

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