How to Collect Your GitHub Receipts

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps of how to collect your GitHub receipts.
How to Collect Your Receipts
how to collect GitHub receipts


GitHub is a platform that allows you to host the code of applications and developer tools. Its main feature is collaboration, providing versatility and functionality.

Users can download applications and collaborate on the development of projects since most are open-source, although you can create private projects as well. Open-source projects are hosted for free through repositories – the paid version allows you to host projects privately.

Collecting GitHub Receipts

Log in

Log in to your account here.

Go to “View organization”

Click “Billing and Plans”

In the “Access” section of the sidebar, click on Billing and plans.

Click “View payment history”

In the top right corner of the page, under “Next payment due,” click “View payment history.”

Download the receipt

In the “Payment history” section, you can review all of your past payments. To download a receipt, click on the icon on the right.

Relevant Links:

Relevant Links


If you’re still having trouble canceling your subscription, you can contact GitHub via:

Using Mesh Automated Solution

If you want to avoid the above steps, you can simply use Mesh Payments to pay for software tools. Enjoy hassle-free automatic collection and matching of GitHub receipts, and one-click reconciliation that syncs data directly with your ERP, saving you hours closing your books every month.

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