Get Started
with Plug & Pay

Congratulations! You’ve just received a Plug & Pay card, so you can start making payments on-the-go, with all of the benefits of a virtual card. Get started in minutes.

Dynamic & Flexible

Maximum Security

Easy to Manage


Activate & Validate

To activate your Plug & Pay, you’ll need to enter the last 4 digits of the CID number on the back of your card, located under the magnetic strip.


Plug It In

Log into your Mesh account and choose a pre-approved virtual card to pair with your Plug & Pay. This links budget parameters and all in-person payments to your virtual card.


Set Up a PIN

Don’t forget to set up a PIN through the Mesh app before you start using your card. Transactions above a certain amount may require this PIN so make sure to keep it safe!



That’s it! You can start making secure in-person payments anywhere with your new Plug & Pay card.

Your Plug & Pay Card

Switching the card purpose?
Unplug your current virtual card, plug in a new card and you’re done.

Unplug your card when you’re not using it to keep it safe.

Use the platform to track your
spend in real-time, search transaction history and upload invoices.