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About Web Dev Group

Web Dev Group is a web design and development company that designs, launches, and maintains high-performance websites. Michael Fied, CEO at Web Dev has been using Mesh to manage the company finances for over a year. As a CEO, the amount of time, effort and costs he’s saved since using Mesh has been invaluable, allowing him to continue to provide a top-class service to his clients.

What were
the challenges
you faced?

Michael lists multiple challenges that came along with financial management at Web Dev pre-Mesh, including messy credit card statements and costly international bank fees.

“The amount of transactions on the statement every month was complicated, messy, confusing and made it difficult to consolidate everything. On top of that, we had to pay 3% foreign international fees for every transaction we made using a debit card – that ends up being a huge cost to the business.”

Michael continues to describe the lack of control he had using just one corporate card, not knowing if he was being overcharged and if a subscription had been canceled.

“At WebDev we test 5 platforms before choosing the best one for us. With Mesh we can set real-time limits when setting up the card so that we have the flexibility to use it as a one time card and easily cancel the subscription. This means avoiding being charged every month for shady platforms.”

Finally, Michael tells Mesh about the difficulties that came along with end-of-month reporting, trying to understand where they wasted their spend or what their monthly spend was.

How did Mesh address those challenges?

“Mesh freed up so much of our time. We have so much more control now and we’re able to streamline all our payments, whether it’s a payment request or reconciliation at the end of the month.”

Fied explains that he prides himself on providing his clients with a high quality product, and it’s extremely important that any software or service he’s working with to be flawless. Mesh has never let him down, in fact he can’t believe that not only is the platform completely free without any hidden fees, but we’re actually paying him to use the product, with the cashback that he gets for every payment.

Michael also finds Mesh significantly lowered his (and his teams) workload and has been crucial to the growth of their business.

What do you like most about
using Mesh?

When Michael started using Mesh about a year ago, he was happily surprised at how human the interactions he had with the company were, and continue to be. While most fintech companies rely on technology to drive value and user experience, he feels that the people and human connection should always come first.

“Fintech companies are usually very bankish and impersonal. Mesh is the opposite – putting the people and their customers first and giving a real face to fintech that’s normally cold.”

On top of this, Michael loves the fact that any feedback he provides about the product is taken to heart and implemented. “It’s rare to find a company that listens, where the customer can actually make an impact on the product.”

What would you say to other finance teams thinking about using
Mesh Payments?

Fied is on the phone constantly with over 400 active clients, companies that he invests in and people that he mentors. “When I love showing Mesh to my clients. On demo calls I will often transition into..’wait, let me show you this platform’… and I’ll walk them through the whole thing.”

Needless to say, Michael is a big fan and believes no matter the business, Mesh is a huge benefit.

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