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About Vcita

Vcita is all-in-one business management platform uniquely positioned to lead huge and underserved vSMB software market. The company works with small and midsize companies to develop online engagement solutions and strengthen customer relationships and experiences. With more than 25 years of experience as a CFO, Hadar Kiriati was excited about adopting Mesh Payments as a solution to manage vcita’s payments. Kiriati has been at vcita for 2 years and felt frustrated having so many different services being paid for by the company’s subsidiaries from different locations.

What were the challenges
you faced?

“Simply put, I felt a lack of control. Specifically when it came to services”.

vcita was paying for a large amount of subscriptions, which already created a lot of hassle for the finance team and employees. To make matters more confusing, the company was making payments from multiple locations, by different departments. This made it very difficult to track which employee was paying for what. Any payments that needed to be cancelled meant the finance team had to contact the service provider, rather than contacting the bank or card it was attached to. Hadar desperately needed a solution, and as an early adopter he was keen to try out Mesh Payments as a spend management platform to save his team the headache and disorder their subscription payments were creating. He was also looking for a way to avoid manually collecting and matching all the receipts he was getting from the different services.

How did Mesh address those challenges?

Hadar Kiriati found the all-in-one platform to be the perfect solution for him and his finance team. They were able to see everything in real time, and keep track of all their payments – where they were coming from and which team was making them.

“As a Saas company, we use so many different services that it can be a real struggle managing these subscriptions”

Not only did the finance team benefit, but any of the employees from the marketing or product department making these payments, found that Mesh really simplified everything and gave them the independence to keep track of their budget without needing to wait till the end of the month.

Before using Mesh, Hadar Kiriati scrambled to identify who was using the company card and felt a lack of transparency, unable to locate where these payments were coming from.

“Someone in the company would use the credit card without telling anyone, we had to spend hours chasing after different employees at the end of the month..”

The Mesh platform saved the finance team and the rest of the employees a huge amount of time and aggravation. The end of the month stopped being a stressful period, as both sides had the ability to stay on top of their payments on a daily basis.

What do you like most about
using Mesh?

Hadar loves everything about the Mesh platform. He enthusiastically tells Mesh he is “spreading the word so others can benefit like vCita has”.

Specifically the onboarding was an excellent experience for vcitas CFO and for the company’s employees. They found the manual provided extremely helpful, and the product to be very intuitive, making the shift to Mesh payments a smooth transition.

Hadar continues, “Mesh is always there if we have a problem”. Anytime a request comes in, the finance team can approve it with the click of a button. Since implementing Mesh into their spend management plan, their processes have become more efficient and simple. The customer support team at Mesh are available 24/7, if ever have any questions or need to be alerted to anything.

What would you say to other finance teams thinking about using
Mesh Payments?

Hadar Kiriati encourages other finance teams, especially those dealing with many Saas subscriptions, to save themselves time and effort by implementing Mesh Payments. The platform is an integral asset for everyone at the company, not only the finance team, and has made the CFO feel reassured that all their payments are managed in one, simple and intelligent platform.

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