How amps up finance team productivity and closes the month faster with Mesh




Ramat Gan, IL / Los Altos, CA



Hours saved with Mesh:

2 days a month


Launched in 2018, is a foot traffic analytics company. Built on a foundation of location analytics like visit trends, trade areas, demographics, the company is working towards creating a full market intelligence platform that drives better decision making for any business with a stake in the physical world.

What were the challenges you faced?

“Chasing receipts. Also, understanding how to reconcile charges and figuring out which department and expense category they needed to be charged to.”

Prior to using Mesh, the lack of clarity created lots of unnecessary back-and-forth in order to collect the necessary information at the end of the month.

“There was a lot of inquiry happening at month’s end,” Kara says. “Looking for those receipts and asking the person who initiated the spend, ‘What was this for?’ and ‘What should it be charged to?’”

How did Mesh address those challenges?

Since implementing Mesh, has resolved their receipt collection issues. The universal email address allows all receipts to be automatically collected and stored in one place. Plus, they sync with our ERP and are matched automatically using OCR technology.

“Having one universal email address for our Mesh account is great because you don’t have to remember everything or go back into Mesh to find everything,” Kara says. “You can just send it all to one email address and it lines everything up.”

Now, with receipt collection automated and the ERP integration, month-end close runs smoothly and takes a lot less time — two whole days less, in fact.

Why did you choose Mesh over other spend management tools?

“The team was really easy to work with, and it made the decision easy for us,” Kara says.

“The ability to create an unlimited amount of virtual cards for whatever we needed was a big driver for making the move, as well as the fact that we got cash back,” she added. “I liked the features of Mesh and I liked that it was free.”

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