Papaya Global: Eliminating Legacy Corporate Cards and Gaining Control Over Payments


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Hours saved with Mesh:

50 hours a month

About Papaya Global

Papaya Global brings tech innovation to the traditional world of payroll, by unifying payroll and payments and connecting Finance, Payroll, and HR.

With teams in multiple locations around the world, including US, Europe, Asia, Australia and the Middle East, Papaya Global sought a solution to organize its corporate expenses and subscription payments. The company prioritized a tool that would  remove the friction and risk of individual corporate credit cards being used for each payment. 

What were the challenges you faced?

Papaya Global was using a handful of corporate cards for all of their company payments, and card details were being passed around between stakeholders. When a card was frozen or canceled, it was an enormous amount of work to manually transfer all payments to a new card.

Papaya was looking for a tool that would give them better visibility into payments for things like software tools, and the assurance that there wouldn’t be service interruptions or problems with vendors when a corporate credit card expired or was canceled.

It had become increasingly difficult to figure out which payments were being made to what vendors, and the departments and employees associated with each charge. This required many hours every month to manage and manually identify. Matching payments was becoming more and more of a hassle as the number of SaaS subscriptions being used grew.

With remote work on the rise, employees working from home had a tough time making the payments they needed for work-related tools, and doing so required a lot of time spent on the back-and-forth between employees and the finance team.

How did Mesh address those challenges?

Papaya reports saving days on their month-end close and no longer has to do manual detective work to identify which payments are going where, who they were charged by, and for what service.

Not only has the company saved hours of work every month, it has also reduced risk and increased the security of payments. Card details are no longer being passed around by employees, so the team has peace of mind that they won’t experience interruptions to essential digital tools. With each vendor being linked to a unique card, the subscriptions are protected if one payment needs to be canceled. Employees working from home can now safely make payments for the tools they need, be it for one-off or ongoing payments, and Papaya has been able to improve the visibility of every payment being made across the entire company.

“With Mesh, we felt that we had real control over our payments and we didn’t need to spend hours each month trying to match the payments to each department’s budget. All this information was visible immediately to us, whenever we needed it.”

—Benny Vazana, SVP Finance, Papaya Global

What do you like most about using Mesh?

“I love that everything is in real-time. We are immediately notified about any payment activity. Instead of waiting until the end of the month, Mesh provides us with a continuous overview of where the company stands financially.”

—Benny Vazana, SVP Finance, Papaya Global

With Mesh, all of Papaya’s company subscriptions are now linked to a unique virtual card giving the team more control over various payments. In addition, the team values the time saved, with the real-time reconciliation eliminating the need to spend hours each month trying to match payments against the department or group budget.

With Mesh, Papaya Global now enjoys the visibility and control of having all their payments, requests and approvals, and subscriptions, centralized into one platform. They can close their books faster, and are saving both employees and their finance team a significant amount of time and energy every month.

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