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About Ohkie

Nate Mandel is the Co-founder and Creative Director at Ohkie, a company with the mission to empower businesses by creating free custom-made websites, putting them online. Mesh spoke with Nate about how using the platform at an early stage of their business growth really helped them to scale with the controls, visibility, and automation tools that they gained.

What were the challenges
you faced?

“Overdraft fees! Back then, as an early-stage startup that was always low on cash, managing subscription payments was a huge headache and resulted in overdraft after overdraft! Along with the fees that come with it.”

Prior to Mesh, Ohkie was mainly relying on memory mixed with a heavy dose of Excel. This meant they were spending hours on tedious data entry and upkeep. Managing so many subscriptions made it hard to keep up with how many employees were licensed for each one, and whether or not they were even using these subscriptions, potentially leading to unnecessary spending.

How did Mesh address those challenges?

Mesh provided Ohkie with the ability to set spending limits for each subscription and alert them if the budget was violated. They could also choose whether or not to decline the payment if it went above budget. Beyond this, they could customize each card and set expiry dates, and spend limits for each month, quarter, year, or for the entire subscription lifetime.

According to Nate, “we have saved hundreds of dollars and countless phone calls to the bank with the budget violation feature.”

Furthermore, Mesh helped streamline Ohkie’s billing department, which in turn reduced their huge headache.

“By organizing the billing department, we were free to focus on more desirable aspects of the business. Which led to healthier growth. Scaling on a paved road versus a bumpy road are two very different experiences.”

What do you like most about
using Mesh?

“That it works autonomously and I don’t have to babysit it. The only time I log in is to create a new subscription or modify an old one. Which isn’t every day.”

Nate finds the entire platform to be seamless and simple. He doesn’t need to worry anymore about messy spreadsheets or running after employees for expense reports. All the company payments are managed and tracked in one place.

What would you say to other finance teams thinking about using
Mesh Payments?

Mandel has signed multiple businesses up to Mesh – he tells them it’s free and only takes 3 minutes to get started, so they really have nothing to lose.
“For businesses that are struggling with SaaS management, Mesh can alleviate this pain-point.”

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