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About Granulate

Granulate helps organizations optimize infrastructure performance and costs through AI driven dynamic and continuous OS-level adaptations.

What were the challenges you faced?

Alon Ariel, Culture and Operations manager at Granulate explains that prior to incorporating Mesh into their payment management system, things were very messy and disorganized. There was a lot of manual labor involved, and since the company was dealing with multiple currencies and a large amount of payments it was significantly difficult to manage everything without an official payment platform.

“We didn’t use any sort of system before Mesh came along, essentially we were doing everything manually. This meant a lot of time, paperwork and friction between finding out where our payments were coming from and going to.”

Granulate were issuing a lot of credit cards, where the maximum limits were being reached, making it complicated to make payments. Alon felt they were always needing to chase after people and departments to figure out who was paying for what. Being a startup, Granulate was using an external finance team to manage their spend, so this meant that Alon was investing a lot of time working with them.

How did Mesh address those challenges?

“Our entire payment system became smoother, easier and more visible. We could track after all our vendors and find out in real-time about any single payment as it took place!”

Alon felt he could now understand immediately who was making the payments in Granulate, what was being paid for, when they were making the transaction and why it happened. Suddenly all his questions were easily answered in the one platform, without needing to spend any time tracking down payments. With the financial system being smoother, this enable the business to also run more seamlessly without worrying about any payment failures.

What do you like most about using Mesh?

“I love the simplicity and ease of everything, not to mention it’s completely free!” Alon recalls the onboarding process to be excellent and straightforward. Without an in-house finance department he felt he was able to manage everything with the Mesh platform, together with the external finance team. He also found the customer success team to be extremely helpful and patient. “I spoke with the Customer Success Team on WhatsApp 24/7. They guided me through all the features and immediately answered any questions. The team was always efficient, friendly, and patient despite all the questions I asked him. Having a great Customer Success team is a huge advantage when implementing a new system.”

What would you say to other finance teams thinking about using

Hadar Kiriati encourages other finance teams, especially those dealing with many Saas subscriptions, to save themselves time and effort by implementing Mesh Payments. The platform is an integral asset for everyone at the company, not only the finance team, and has made the CFO feel reassured that all their payments are managed in one, simple and intelligent platform.

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