Fullpath Gains Operational Spend Visibility with Mesh Across Multiple Global Entities


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Hours saved with Mesh:

About Fullpath

Fullpath is a leading provider of SaaS solutions for the automotive industry, helping dealerships and manufacturers build marketing sales infrastructure to engage, acquire and retain customers. FullPath’s Customer Data and Experience Platform (CDXP) helps harness first-party data to bring the dealership experience into the modern era and build strong relationships with their customers.

The Challenge:

Before moving to the Mesh Payments platform, Fullpath struggled with a fragmented financial management system and clunky inflexible spend management tools including Brex, Expensify, general ledgers and spreadsheets. This left Fullpath with:

Limited Visibility: Disconnected data silos made it difficult to get a holistic view of operational spend across departments.

Manual Processes: Repetitive tasks like expense approvals and travel booking created bottlenecks and inefficiencies.

Difficulty Enforcing Policy: A lack of pre-spend controls made it challenging to ensure adherence to company spending policies.

The Outcome:

Mesh Payments transformed Fullpath’s financial operations by providing:

A Unified Platform: A single platform unified travel & expense management across countries, currencies, and entities — connected to all other financial services.

Enabled Teams: User-friendly interface simplified tasks for all employees, reducing reliance on the finance team.

Enhanced Control: Pre-spend controls and spend categorization ensured adherence to budgets and policies.

The Story:

“The key benefit of Mesh is having everything in one place and consolidating key financial software in one platform,” explains Fullpath CFO Andrew Fine. “Previously, juggling limited tools like Brex, Expensify and spreadsheets made it difficult to get a consolidated view of the company’s spending.”

Mesh’s unified platform streamlined financial management. “The user interface is easy to use across all our teams,” Fine adds. “It empowers our employees to manage expenses efficiently, minimizing the burden on the finance team and empowering managers with responsibility and accountability.”


Streamlined Operations and Cost Control

“We used to spend a lot of time chasing down approvals and reconciling expenses,” says Fine. “We no longer have to chase because we’re in control.” With Mesh, finance maintains overall control, while still allowing everyone to access the data they need.

Mesh also empowers Fullpath to make data-driven decisions. For example, because Mesh tracks and manages SaaS subscriptions, Fullpath is able to save costs on unused zombie subscriptions or unnecessary licenses.


Visibility Into Ad Spend

“A significant part of our business is ad spend,” Fine continues. “Mesh allows us to manage ad spend at the customer and campaign level, issuing cards specifically for campaigns and tracking every dollar.”

They initially expected to use Mesh primarily for operational spend, but have been pleasantly surprised by the benefits of using Mesh for product-oriented spend too — giving the finance team even more insight into company spending.


Simplified Travel Management

Without designated travel managers, the finance team relies on Mesh to ensure that traveling employees are staying on budget and within company policy by issuing trip cards. 

“We have the ability to enforce budgets before travel rather than asking employees why they overspent when they return,” Fine explains. “It just limits the opportunity to spend out of policy.”


Improved Month-End Close

Even month-end close runs more smoothly now, thanks to Mesh eliminating tedious manual tasks.

“Month-end close has improved because we have the ability to automatically allocate expenditure for specific expense items,” Fine says.


With Mesh Payments, Fullpath has achieved a unified view of their operational spend, empowered teams, and optimized control over their finances.

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