How Bidalgo gets control of their multi-subsidiary and multi-currency payments with Mesh


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About Bidalgo

Bidalgo is the leading provider of AI solutions to help app marketers scale across Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other platforms. Being a global company, Bidalgo has multiple subsidiaries, with the finance department based in Tel Aviv. When Atar Lev-Ari Shalom, Director of Finance first heard about Mesh she was looking for a solution that would help her manage all the companies payments across the globe, in different currencies and locations. However, she was planning on taking maternity leave 2 weeks after she spoke with the Mesh team and needed something that wouldn’t take too long for the company to adopt. Atar laughs as she remembers there was nothing to worry about, as everyone very quickly got the hang of it.

What were the challenges
you faced?

It’s been almost 9 months since Atar introduced Mesh to the company. When she reflects back on life before Mesh, she remembers the stress that came along with the monthly credit card statement.

“We wasted hours each month trying to understand the statement, and had to Google what the letters next to each vendor were for.”

The statement provides minimal information and it can get messy trying to figure out who made the payment, and what the payment was for.

Atar explains that whenever she started working at a new company, she immediately canceled the existing credit card and issued a new one so that there were no hidden payments and she could start fresh with more control. Mesh easily solved this problem, giving the company complete visibility and control over all their payments. Atar tells Mesh about an employee that left the company but was continuing to use Linkedin Premium on the company credit card.

“Without knowing, we were continuing to pay for a previous employee’s Linkedin account. Mesh was able to immediately identify this for us and save us a few hundred dollars. A few of these hidden subscription payments can quickly add up.”

Finally, there was a lot of time wasted and effort that came with chasing after employees for receipts and expense reports each month.

How did Mesh address those challenges?

Atar started off by introducing Mesh to specific people in the company that she thought would benefit and would understand how to use it, such as the IT and HR department. However, she saw that people loved it so much and that it was extremely user-friendly, so she got the whole company onboard, including departments that were based in different countries.

“Everything is done in the one system. I don’t need to speak to anyone, I don’t need to ask anyone for anything – it all happens through the platform”

Atar loves the fact that everyone can use the platform since it’s so simple and intuitive. This means that she doesn’t have to spend any time chasing after employees for anything, as all the reminders and notifications are sent via Mesh.

Anytime Bidalgo takes on a new vendor or subscription, even if it’s a very large sum of money she pays via the Mesh virtual cards as it’s much easier and faster than doing a wire transfer. Atar continues, “I also love the Cashback – for every payment we make we get money back!”

What do you like most about
using Mesh?

The customer service experience from Mesh is probably Atars favorite thing about the platform.

“If I ever have any questions, I’ll get an answer within minutes. I’m always surprised at how quickly I can get in touch. I’m also amazed at how the platform has evolved and improved so much since we started using it 9 months ago. It’s really unique to have a company and product that I can give feedback to, and Mesh actually listens and makes changes.”

Finally, Atar finds that the entire payment process is more efficient and she is less blind to hidden payments or subscriptions that might still be going on when an employee leaves the company.

What would you say to other finance teams thinking about using
Mesh Payments?

Atar is part of several finance groups where she tells her colleagues about Mesh and how simple it is to implement. She still remembers how shocked she felt that the entire company was able to adopt the platform so quickly.
“I don’t think I’ve ever seen a software that is so easy to use and fast to set up.”

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